Ca'n Molinas

Discover Ca'n Molinas, where the tradition and flavor of Valldemossa come to life. Since 1920, this traditional oven has preserved the legacy of a century-old family business, bringing you authentic products cooked in the same oven from over 100 years ago. Immerse yourself in the rich history of our products and live an experience that combines the charm of the past with unforgettable flavors.

An Emblem of Valldemossa

A few meters from our historic bakery, active since 1920, we offer an authentic Mallorcan pastry experience brought directly from the bakery.

Enjoy the rustic and cozy atmosphere of our terrace, the ideal place to relax while trying our delicious products. Feel the town breeze with every sip of coffee and every bite of our cocas, which will transport you to past times and keep the traditions of Ca'n Molinas alive.

Our store is not just a place to buy bread and buns; It is a space to live, share experiences and a meeting point where each corner tells a story and each product reflects the quality and love of our tradition.

Images that Tell Stories

Below we present a series of images that show the essence of Ca'n Molinas, a place where you can savor history and tradition.

"Each Bite is a Piece of History, Cooked with the Passion of Generations and the Authentic Flavor of Valldemossa that Invites you to Return Again and Again."