The History behind Ca'n Molinas

Welcome to Ca'n Molinas Bakery and Pastry Shop, a treasure of tradition and quality in Valldemossa since 1920. Here, we share our story of passion and commitment, where each recipe tells a part of the rich gastronomic culture of Mallorca.

Our Origins

Ca'n Molinas' journey began when the Cañellas Estrades family moved from Bunyola to Valldemossa in the 1920s. They settled on Calle Rosa, 4, where an old wood-fired oven became the heart of their workshop.

This move was not only a geographic change, but also the beginning of a firm commitment to quality and craftsmanship, principles that have guided the bakery ever since.

In Valldemossa, Ca'n Molinas quickly stood out for its potato cocas, which became a local symbol. The workshop on Calle Rosa also served as a social center, where community and family events were held, reinforcing the role of Ca'n Molinas in the community.

Maintaining traditional baking techniques has allowed the original oven to remain in use, offering authentic flavors that connect customers to the bakery's rich history. This continuity has solidified Ca'n Molinas as a pillar of tradition in Mallorca.

Craftsmanship in Products

At Ca'n Molinas, respect for tradition and local products is essential to maintain our reputation and ensure quality and authenticity.

Originally large and shared at community events, our potato cocas were adapted to an individual format in the 60s, making them easier to consume daily. This adaptation has contributed to its popularity both in Valldemossa and in Mallorca, maintaining the traditional recipe and the wood-fired oven cooking technique to guarantee its authenticity.

Our century-old wood-fired oven is key in the preparation of products with a unique flavor. We use pine branches for heating, a practice that ensures delicate cooking and provides a distinctive aroma. This consistency in production methods preserves the quality and integrity of our products.

We pride ourselves on offering products that not only delight the palate but also perpetuate the rich culinary history of Mallorca.

The Store and The Workshop

The Ca'n Molinas store and workshop are fundamental pillars in the culture and tradition of Valldemossa, not only as production centers but also as meeting places for the community and visitors.

The store is a meeting place where locals and tourists enjoy artisanal products in an environment that combines history and tradition. This space serves not only to purchase traditional products made as they were in their origins, but also to experience the rich Mallorcan culture through its traditional flavors.

The workshop, active for more than 100 years, is where the culinary traditions of the Cañellas Estrades family are kept alive. Here the techniques and recipes passed down from generation to generation are preserved, with a wood-fired oven that is a testament to the commitment to quality and authenticity. Each product reflects the dedication to preserving the flavor and quality that have made Ca'n Molinas famous.

Family Business

At Ca'n Molinas, we are committed to preserving and honoring the rich history and tradition that has defined our bakery and pastry shop over the years.

The legacy of Ca'n Molinas is rooted in the dedication and passion of the Cañellas Estrades family, who have been the guardians of our traditional recipes and techniques since the bakery's inception in the 1920s. Through three generations, we have maintained the commitment to offer quality products and preserve the authenticity of our creations, ensuring that each bite tells a story of the Mallorca of yesteryear.

The generational change at Ca'n Molinas has been fundamental to guarantee the continuity and growth of the business, each member of the family has carried with them the commitment to keep alive the tradition and quality that distinguishes us.

"We are Committed to Preserving the Artisan Tradition that defines us, Ensuring that each Bite is a living Testimony of Our Dedication to Quality, Community and the Authentic Culture of Mallorca."