Come Visit Us

We invite everyone, from tourists to locals, to explore the place where the tradition of Valldemossa is baked. Come and live the experience, taste the quality and take with you a piece of our history.

The store

Located a few meters from our historic workshop, the Ca'n Molinas store is not only a point of sale; It is a true showcase of the rich pastry tradition of Valldemossa. Each product on the shelves carries with it a story of craftsmanship and dedication, offering visitors a tangible taste of Ca'n Molinas' culinary legacy.

In addition, our store has a charming and picturesque terrace, ideal for enjoying our products outdoors, surrounded by the quiet and beautiful surroundings of Valldemossa. This terrace, with its cozy atmosphere and views of the town, is the perfect complement to a genuinely Mallorcan experience.

The Workshop

In the heart of Valldemossa is the Ca'n Molinas bakery, a place where past and present merge to offer an authentic Mallorcan pastry experience. Since 1920, this space has maintained its active wood-burning oven, where the products that have cemented our reputation are made.

When you visit, you will be immersed in an environment where tradition is preserved with each baked good. Ancient methods and recipes passed down from generation to generation are palpable in the air, offering an experience that connects the past with the present.