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Bakery-Pastry Ca’n Molinas

Tradition and quality since 1920

The Ca'n Molinas bakery was founded in the year 1920 by Don Miguel Cañellas Nadal and Doña María Estrades Estrades, and is located at 4 Rosa street, in the beautiful town of Valldemossa.

Around the middle of last century, the second generation of the family took over the business; Don Bernardo Cañellas and his wife Doña Antonia Calafat continued the tradition and the good work that continues to characterises the business. The couples two children, Miguel Ángel and María del Pilar, currently manage the business, proudly and passionately defending the legacy of three generations of artisan masters.

The coca de patata, the emblem of Valldemossa

Within the wide range of artisan products that we create here at  Ca'n Molinas, perhaps the most emblematic is the ultra-famous coca de patata (potato cakes), a symbol of traditional Mallorcan culture, a token of Valldemossa’s identity, and, of course,  the hallmark of this bakery’s quality.

.And we can not forget our other specialties, such as cocas de anís (aniseed), the mantecados (a type of shortcake), the delicious almond or hazelnut gató, the traditional robiols and mince pies, eclairs, bescuits, various cakes, cuartos, ensaimadas (typical pastry from Majorca) and other varieties of coca de patata. We must recommend the ones made with red peppers and sobrasada.

Artisanal endeavours and devotion, at Ca'n Molinas bakery

Artisan work and traditions are not at odds with modernity and evolution; these days we still use the moorish oven that has been maintained from the first generation of bakers, where, even now, all our bread other family recipes are baked, giving all our products that mysterious touch that only a good wood fired oven can give.

Superior quality produce and secret formulas inherited down through the generations, gives our business the deserved prestige and recognition from our loyal client base for all Ca'n Molinas's specialities; both locals from Valldemossa, and visitors that stumble across our precious town can savour and enjoy tasting a piece of history.

Coca de patata, on its own or served with an accompaniment

Traditionally the coca de patata was sectioned into individual servings from a larger cake; the founding patriarch, Don Miguel Cañellas, improved the formula and began serving these delicious products as an individual serving, a format that continues to last. His speciality can be enjoyed by itself or together with a good hot chocolate drink, or with creamy and delicious ice cream, with almond horchata (a milky beverage), with turrón (nougat), the list can go on…. Its delicate texture mixes well with any accompaniment, sweet or salty.

We look forward to seeing you at Ca'n Molinas

In 1977 another branch was opened in the Vía Blanquerna de Valdemossa, where you will find all our specialities. There is also a wonderful terrace where customers can enjoy a good coffee, a delicious ice cream or simply enjoy a good coca de patata.

Ca'n Molinas offers customers the possibility to taste their specialities, admired and respected for generations, at their establishments at Valldemossa: Calle Rosa nº 4 and Vía Blanquerna nº 15.

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