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Ca’n Molinas: A piece of history

With 91 years of history under the Ca'n Molinas name, we have to go back to 1920 to make special mention of the founding parents of the business, Don Miguel Cañellas Nadal, a descendant of artisan masters from Bunyola, and his wife Doña María Estrades Estrades, from Valldemosa; they first settled in Bunyola but later decided to move to Valldemossa where they founded Can Molinas, in an already established bakery with an oven that, to this very day, and with some maintenance, is still working. They had six sons and a daughter. Bernat, the heir that took over the business, was born in Bunyola, as were all his brothers and sisters, but he moved with his parents to Valldemossa just months after his birth.

The name of Ca’n Molinas comes from Cas Molí, that was what the ancestors were known as in Bunyola; and with time it became Ca´n Molinas. Three generations have been in charge of the management and running of the business: the grandparents and founders Miguel and María, with the help of their children, then Bernat and Antònia (parents of the current managers) took it over, and now the business is managed by Miguel Ángel, María del Pilar and her husband Toni. Family union and cohesion is a very important part of making a business like this successful; everybody working at Ca’n Molinas is part of one big family.

The mastery of three generations of artisans is evident in each of Ca’n Molina’s specialities; each generation learning the craft with enthusiasm and zeal, the artisan masters have developed a series of unique recipes and formulas, with good work, dedication and first quality produce at it’s foundation.

Tradition is very important at Ca´n Molinas; artisan specialities such as coca de patata, ensaimadas (sweet bun filled with pumpkin strands in syrup), gató (almond sponge), coca de trampó, mince pies and the Easter robiols, are all emblems of the establishment, but new times and the demand of hundreds of loyal customers, have made the business evolve towards new frontiers, leading them to make croissants and wholemeal baguettes, which are now also typical products at the establishment.

If we have to mention a Ca’n Molinas speciality, then it has to be the coca de patata; this sweet treat has become an emblem for Valldemossa's inhabitants, and for all the visitors that have had the opportunity to see this beautiful town. A delicious souvenir, that people use to pay for favours and give as presents, it combines sweet and salty flavours. And most importantly, it has the same traditional qualities and characteristics as it did generations ago, growing in prestige and fame here and abroad.

Following the ethos of hard work and artisan tradition that the founders gave to the brand, the current generation work with care and zeal evolving with the times, whilst keeping the quality and prestige of each and every delicious speciality at Ca’n Molinas, in Valldemossa, an idyllic town with wonderful people that love and enjoy these cakes, a piece of the town´s history. Ca’n Molinas de Valldemosa, prizeRamón Llull 2007

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